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Heart pendants have been around for hundreds of years. Each one has a different meaning and their significances can mean anything from undying love to friendship. The hearts can also symbolize religious meanings. The different variety of heart pendants is just as wide of spectrum as their meanings. One of the most notable heart pendants is the locket. The locket varies in size, shape and design but remains as a timeless classic. They were created hundreds of years ago and sometimes were worn as other pieces of jewelry, such as broaches, rings and watches. They were used to keep valuable things in them and sometimes were often used to keep poison. This is a scary thought that something so deadly can be housed in something so pretty. Over the years the locket has changed and been customized to fit in with the times. They are still very delicate, but their delicacy is what makes them such a favorite amongst jewelry owners/wearers worldwide. The locket is only one type of heart pendants that people can wear. An interesting fact about the heart symbol is that it is supposed to represent two human hearts fused together. This is a little morbid but you can see the reasoning behind it when you look at the heart shape.

Another type of pendant that has become exceedingly popular over the past decade is called the open-heart pendant. To most people the open-heart pendant signifies the ability to open the receiver’s heart in order to allow it to fill with love for the giver. These pendants come in all sizes and designs. Some come in beautiful white gold encrusted with different gems and/or diamonds, or there are some more simple ones without all the bling. While they are elegant, they are suited for everyday wear. The Sacred Heart pendant is a pendant that, while it is not always in the shape of a heart, is important to the Roman Catholics. It is often depicted as a heart with a crown of thorns surrounding it. This wounded heart is supposed to be symbolic of Christ's pain at the rejection of God's Gospel message of salvation to all of humanity. These are just a few of the vast array of heart pendants. Whether they have a religious or sentimental meaning, heart pendants are special to their owners. They are each beautiful in their unique way. Will you be giving your heart to someone?